Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get yourself ready: Jesus is coming back soon! Give your life to serve Him before it's too late! The harvest is ripe!


  1. Janis this is Rhonda. How have you all been. Been trying to call you but your mail box is full . I have a friend who's boyfriend is getting out of prison on the 7th of this month. He has nowhere to go. My girlfriend is going to Ogdon hall for 18 months.He really needs to stay clean and needs the Lord in his life.Call me as soon as possible at (509) 944-6503. Thanks so much. Love you guys and God Bless.

  2. My name is Matthew chancellor and i would like to say how great full i am to pastor Adrian and his wife Janice i love the fact that they are always filled with the Holy Spirit and all ways shining with the good fruits all ways out to help everyone so thank you pastor Adrian and Janice for the Lord's ranch where i was reunited with my Lord Jesus Christ